Monday, 9 March 2009

Fat Attack Week 2

Week two has been terribly hard. Mentally challenging as well as physically. It's mind over matter all the time. Having 5 hours between each meal is a struggle.

I gave in on Friday when I took the kids out for tea. I ended up having a chicken burger and chips. Oh was it lovely! But later I paid the price - my stomach was in a mess. Easy come, Easy go!!

Hope kept asking why I couldn't eat certain things and in between meals. I told her because I need to loose weight and get healthy. She lifted up my top and said "Yes mum, you have a fat jelly belly" ... lovely .... out of the mouthes of children, come the truth!

Weigh in: Lost 3lb

I blew my GOAL out of the water. Wore my skirt suit to work on Firday! It fits!!!! Whoop Woo!

I need a new goal... will have to think about that ...

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