Thursday, 19 March 2009

Week 4

Week 4 Started on Monday 16th March. Also my weigh in day. I was dreading it, thinking that I was sure to have put weight on......

... I went to boots, took my jacket and shoes off and stepped onto the scales, putting my 50p into the slot, hoping like always that I don't bump into someone I know. "Stand still with head up" boomed the speaker .... my heart was thumping and I was hoping "Please no more than 2lb on".

I couldn't believe it!!!! One pound OFF!!! I could have jumped up and down and shouted. Instead I walked off with a cheeky grin, giving myself a good telling off about being good this week etc.

Tuesday came, and so did something else very unexpected and very unwelcome. Lets just say the red flag is flying full mast and I am not a happy bunny! Felt quite sick on Tuesday and very shakey. In the end I bought a sandwich but it didn't help the shakes and I felt even more sick.
all I wanted was chocolate, so I told myself it was ok and I had a whole bar of cadbury craberry granola. (new) and to tell you the truth I don't remember much about it. It didn't send me to heaven - it wasn't orgasmic. I just munched one block at a time, sometimes 2 by 2.... after all the animals went in the ark 2 by 2 ... why not my chocolate blocks!

I was off work yesterday (Wednesday). I was still feeling yuk and Jeff and I went out for breakfast and then I didn't eat until tea time.

Today, however is a new day. I'm back on track properly today ... still got horrible cramps ... being a woman sucks sometimes! I can hear all the chocolate bars in the shop downstairs calling my name .... I need rehab!

Mother's day is this Sunday and I'm allowing myself to have lovely South African chicken curry and Rooti and probably some chocolate - at lunch time. Appart from that I am hoping to stick to the plan! Please!!

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  1. Aww you really have had a naff week havent you! Never mind - PMA PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) - its all in your head and you CAN do it! Good luck over the weekend hon and i'll see you Monday xx