Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Ticked off and stuff

I'm sitting at work. Have had a meeting that didn't end well. I hate my intelligence being underestimated.

The first thing I want to do is EAT. I want a giant size Cadbury fruit and nut!

That's the thing about me and my addiction ..... I am an emotional eater. Things go wrong or upset me and I head for the chocolate or crisps. Or Bread! Oh how I love bread. I think I'll just sit here and think about chocolate and bread!

Talking of addicitons. When I think about how I crave food and how I struggle with the hunger pangs, it has reminded me of how a junkie struggles to come clean. I suppose I'm like that. I'm struggling to come clean and it's really hard work. But the only way I'm ever going to stay at a healthy weight is if I get into a healthy way of thinking.

I think part of it is also believing that you are worth effort. That you are worth it to be healthy and slim.

Since having my children who are still very young, I have been really aware of how unhealthy I am and that I need to be healthy for them. They deserve a mother who is fit and healthy and who is a good example. I would hate to think my kids would ever be embarrased of their FAT mum.

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